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With our free Guest membership, you’ll have free access to our regular bi-weekly teachings with Andrew Cohen. There are also scheduled live group meditations which take place on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The meditation groups work with most time zones so you can meditate with others wherever you are in the world.

Guest member benefits also include access to the Library, where you’ll find video recordings of talks by Andrew Cohen – our resident spiritual teacher – as well as a selection of other content that we think you’ll find thought-provoking and relevant.

The Living Room will be open on occasion for special events, by invitation only. This will be a great opportunity to meet with other seekers and finders, from novices to experienced practitioners and adepts of Evolutionary Enlightenment.

About the Teachings

Live online teachings with Andrew take place at least once a month. Your membership allows you access to these, so all you need to do is log in to Manifest Nirvana and head to the Teaching Hall. You can see upcoming events by visiting the Teaching Hall Schedule.

These regular teachings with Andrew are a great introduction to the theory and practice of Evolutionary Enlightenment, and offer the opportunity to meet and engage with one of the world’s most accomplished spiritual teachers.

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Guest Membership is a great way to get started and to find out more about Manifest Nirvana and Evolutionary Enlightenment, but remember you can support Manifest Nirvana by upgrading to Friend Membership at any time, and you can find out more about that here.

Manifest Nirvana is about coming together with others to meet, to practice, and to inquire in the pursuit of collective, conscious evolution. Please always be kind, respectful and courteous to your fellow Guests, Friends and Residents.

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