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Our world needs meaning

Perhaps now more than ever we need to find solutions that resolve the complex problems our world faces. Manifest Nirvana advocates an Integral approach to spiritual practice and world change. We define Integral as realizing a primordial unity that is beyond the mind. Awakening is not the end but the entire context within which we can face the complexities of our lives.

The Green postmodern leading-edge of evolution itself has, for several decades, degenerated into its extremepathological, and dysfunctional forms. As such, it is literally incapable of effectively acting as a real leading-edge.

Ken WilberIntegral Philosopher

In order for a new stage to emerge, the previous stage has to become successful enough to manifest its own pathologies... The pathologies of Green provide the points of departure for our move into Integral.

Steve McIntoshIntegral Philosopher

Rivalrous dynamics, multiplied by exponential tech, is self-terminating. Exponential tech is inexorable. We cannot put it away. So we either figure out anti-rivalry or we go extinct.

Daniel SchmachtenbergerPhilosopher

A Vision for the Future

Manifest Nirvana is a virtual haven for integral spiritual practice, where sovereign souls, radical spirits and integral pioneers will find their home. But it is also a future vision for the evolution of humanity – a utopian ideal for those still bold enough to dream big.

Enter a Sanctuary of Spiritual Explorers

Are you ready to grow emotionally and spiritually in an environment that values and supports evolutionarily inspired transpersonal relationships? Join peers who see themselves as as parts of a larger whole, ever interdependent with all of existence, empowered by their own soveriegnty to co-create the future.

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A Community for Higher Growth

Engage with others in transpersonal practices that help you learn to speak from your most authentic and awakened self.

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A Library of Evolutionary Dharma

Access a treasury of wisdom that addresses every stage of your path.

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Explore an Embodied Spiritual Vision that Embraces an Evolving Universe.

At the core of Manifest Nirvana is are the teachings of what we call Evolutionary Enlightenment. This is a new dharma, that embraces a larger vision and purpose for our experience. Spirituality and enlightenment is not merely about awakening to the luminosity and freedom found in pure Being, but to the radiant and endless impulse to Become.

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