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Meditation Hall

Free Guest access, open at scheduled times

Meditation Hall in Changzhou, China, Image Courtesy of HIL Architects, Photographer: Bo Cheng

Teaching Hall

Open for scheduled talks with Andrew Cohen

Meditation Hall in Changzhou, China, Image Courtesy of HIL Architects, Photographer: Bo Cheng

Welcome Home

Home is a sanctuary. Home is the deepest part of us, and of the cosmos. Home is the refuge and the heart of the true spiritual aspirant.

Home is a sacred space, a shelter and a dwelling place for those whose hearts are drawn to go deeper – those for whom consciousness is sacred, and for whom metaphysical depth and philosophical clarity are the most deeply cherished values.

Manifest Nirvana is such a home. It is an invitation, a call for serious seekers to come together; to share their highest aspirations transparently, and with profound trust.

Living Room

Friends social space, open 24 hours

Under Pohutukawa, Herbst Architects, New Zealand


Residents social space, open 24 hours

A sanctuary for 21st century spiritual explorers

Manifest Nirvana gives full voice to our developmental potentials. It is what we give rise to when we recognise ourselves to be nothing less than vehicles of cosmic evolution.

Manifest Nirvana is a monastery, an ashram, a temple, a church – a sacred space that exists both as a non-dual dimension beyond the world, and as a spiritual home within it.

Manifest Nirvana reflects and transmits the promise of our highest aspirations. We enter with an inspired intention to become ever more conscious, more sensitive, more fully human.

Upon entering, we let go.

We let go, and we respond. We transcend the small self and shatter the illusion of its existential isolation. We join with others beyond ego and embrace higher complexity.

We discover from multiple perspectives that there is only one, and that one is the organising principle of the entire unfolding cosmos.

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As soon as you've signed our Visitor Book you'll become a Guest member. It's completely free to sign up and begin meditating with us. For step-by-step instructions on how to do this, visit our online group meditations page.

Once you're a Guest you'll instantly be able to meditate, browse the library, and learn more about Evolutionary Enlightenment and Intersubjective Nonduality.


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Meditation Hall

Living Room

Teaching Hall

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Our FREE Guest Membership is a great introduction to Manifest Nirvana. It offers immediate access to live group meditations, our library of teachings, and the Living Room for special events (by invitation). Get started now and bring this sacred space into your own home.

Friend Membership gives you access to live monthly and bi-weekly teachings with Andrew Cohen, and unlimited access to our Meditation Hall. You'll also have full access to the Living Room, where you can meet and chat with other Friends and Residents.

As a Resident, this will be your home. You’ll be able to make use of all our facilities and have access to the full spectrum of what Manifest Nirvana offers. You can meditate at any time, and meet informally in the Kitchen. You'll also be part of the Advanced Residents' Program.

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