Evolutionary Satsang

Evolutionary Satsang from Tiruvannamalai

Daniela BomatterTeachings

Opening the doors of perception to new and deeper perspectives on the human experience...

For the past few months, Andrew Cohen has been offering in-person satsang from the newly built Manifest Nirvana Guest House at Gia Mantra Global Village, in the foothills of the Holy Mountain Arunachala.

Our little group has found these sessions to be incredibly powerful and transformative, so we wanted to extend this opportunity to all of you in an online format. So in a first for Manifest Nirvana, Andrew is offering free and open Evolutionary Satsang, live and direct from Tiruvannamalai via our virtual venue.

Satsang is a sacred gathering where those of us who are in love with enlightenment and the awakening of consciousness come together, in the company of the Guru, to manifest our commitment to the ever-new and always thrilling practice of spiritual discourse and inquiry.

When we come together to look deeply into the human condition from a position of sincere unknowing and curiosity, we all participate in the process of awakening itself. Together we explore the uncharted territories of our own consciousness, our collective mind and heart is opened and expanded, and higher states spontaneously manifest in ways that are unexpected and profoundly liberating.

Watch the video to witness how this process penetrates through the layers of the conditioned mind, opening the doors of perception to new and deeper perspectives on the human experience.

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