A Three – Part series: Buddha – Dharma – Sangha

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A Three – Part series: Buddha – Dharma – Sangha

In the dynamic interplay between ancient wisdom and the challenges of the contemporary world, Andrew Cohen presents a thought-provoking series on the foundational elements of spiritual life: the Triple Gem—Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. This bi-weekly teaching series aims to offer a deeper understanding of these concepts, inviting participants to engage with them in a way that is both profound and applicable to the complexities of modern existence. Through this exploration, Cohen seeks to bridge the gap between timeless spiritual principles and the evolutionary demands of today's global consciousness.

The Buddha

The Buddha in our context means the awakened teacher or Guru. The first session of our series offers a fresh perspective on the Guru-Principle. Andrew Cohen shifts the emphasis from the traditional view of the Guru as a perfect human being to the Guru as a universal principle emanating through the teacher as the palpable vibration of enlightened awareness. This principle represents the intrinsic potential to awaken to the living source of profound wisdom and liberating insight. Cohen’s discussion will illuminate how the Guru-Principle activates our deepest capacity for self-actualisation and self-awareness, challenging us at the deepest level to become truly sovereign in our spiritual journey. By understanding this principle, we engage with the teacher in a way that is deeply personal and directly connected to the immediacy of our own awakening.
While the relationship to the teacher, as the embodiment of Enlightened Awareness, remains crucial in order to make real progress, this approach simultaneously emphasises the all important empowerment and responsibility of the individual in their quest for truth.

The Dharma

In the second instalment of our series, Andrew Cohen delves into the heart of his teachings: Evolutionary Enlightenment. Here, the Dharma is re-envisioned not only as the eternal law but also as a dynamic and active process of evolution itself. Cohen articulates how Evolutionary Enlightenment serves as a profound and liberating contemporary Dharma that has the revelatory power to guide individuals towards a deeper engagement with life's evolutionary purpose. This session will explore how this modern interpretation of the Dharma encourages us to embrace change and growth, both personally and collectively, as integral to our spiritual development. Cohen's approach to Dharma emphasises the importance of aligning with the evolutionary impulse animating the kosmos, viewing each moment as an opportunity for profound awakening and transformation. By adopting Evolutionary Enlightenment as our Dharma, we commit to a path that is both deeply personal and universally significant, fostering a conscious evolution that transcends individual enlightenment to include the collective unfolding of the consciousness of humanity.

The Sangha

The Sangha, in Cohen's vision, transcends the traditional concept of a community of practitioners. When functioning at a high level it becomes an living creative force of shared consciousness, a collective committed to the path of total enlightenment in the context of evolutionary becoming not only for themselves but for all of humanity. This Sangha is a dynamic, living organism, evolving as its members evolve, reflecting the collective consciousness of its participants. In this dynamic intersubjective worldspace, individual transformations fuel collective progress, and collective insights enrich individual understanding. The Sangha is a crucible for cultural and spiritual transformation, where enlightened values are not just discussed but lived and actualised. It's a space where the collective pursuit of truth creates a powerful intersubjective field of transformation, impacting not only its members but also the broader world through their actions and presence.

Cohen emphasises how his innovative practice of Intersubjective Dialogue—deep, Self-reflective communication between individuals—serves as the foundation for building a truly evolutionarily enlightened Sangha or community of Finders. This practice encourages members to engage with one another in a manner that radically transcends egoic boundaries, fostering a shared space of consciousness where liberating insights and awakenings can occur not in isolation but through the rich tapestry of collective experience.


This series offers a comprehensive roadmap for navigating the complexities of modern spirituality, grounding ancient wisdom in the realities of the contemporary world. By engaging with these principles, we are invited to participate in a collective evolution, transcending traditional boundaries and embarking on a path of enlightened awareness that is both deeply personal and expansively universal. This series is not just a set of talks but a call to action, urging us to embody the principles of the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha in our lives, and to contribute to the creation of a more conscious, awakened world.

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