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If you are ready to let go, an extraordinary, transformative awakening is waiting for you.
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Enter a Sanctuary of Spiritual Explorers

Are you ready to grow spiritually in an environment that values and supports evolutionarily inspired transpersonal relationships? Join peers who see themselves as parts of a larger whole, ever interdependent with all of existence, empowered by their own sovereignty to co-create the future.

Live Teachings and Guided Meditations

Every week get access to live online teachings that bring wisdom to your ongoing spiritual development.

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A Community for Collective Growth

Engage with others in transpersonal practices that help you learn to speak from your most authentic and awakened self.

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A Library of Evolutionary Dharma

Access a treasury of wisdom that addresses every stage of your path.

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We're creating a culture beyond ego.

Imagine an emerging world of empowered souls compelled by a call from the future to create an awakened culture. Imagine if we all saw our existence as a nondual process of Being and Becoming. Simultaneously we deeply value what is while passionately committed to what could be.

This is the radical vision Andrew Cohen, an Integral mystic and teacher of Evolutionary Enlightenment—a new approach to the spiritual path that radically embraces life.

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Enlightenment is Real

Through the teachings of Evolutionary Enlightenment people are having direct deep experiences of enlightened nondual awareness.

These teachings have profoundly reshaped my understanding of life. The concept of continuous spiritual evolution resonates deeply with me. Attending the online satsangs has brought me a newfound clarity and purpose.

Brianna SAustralia

I've found a guiding light amidst the challenges of environmental activism. Andrew's teachings on transcending and embracing my ego has given me an extraordinary new sense of inner strength. This perspective of personal awakening intertwined with global evolution is endlessly inspiring.

Noni KUnited States

Manifest Nirvana has been a milestone in my spiritual journey. These teachings have enriched my practice beyond words. There's nothing more I can say. I never knew that I'd have this kind of experience of total freedom.

Jean KFrance

Explore an Embodied Spiritual Vision that Embraces an Evolving Universe.

At the core of Manifest Nirvana are the teachings of Evolutionary Enlightenment. This is a new dharma, that embraces an evolutionary vision and purpose for our experience. Spirituality and enlightenment is not merely about awakening to the luminosity and freedom found in pure Being, but to the radiant and endless impulse to Become.
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Every week you have opportunities to work directly with spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and the community of members.

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Radical transformation is possible. Are you ready?

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