The Four Selves

The Four Selves

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Which self are we inhabiting and transmitting most of the time?

It has been said that the difference between enlightenment and unenlightenment is actually very simple: it is only our perspective – the way we see, how we view ourselves and the whole of reality – that makes the difference.

So how do we view reality, and make the choices we make, at any given moment? Who are we, and who or what is doing the choosing? We rarely pause to contemplate this – most of the time the process of seeing or experiencing reality, and even making choices, is almost completely unconscious.

Understanding the lens through which we are seeing, and cultivating objectivity about our own condition, is profoundly important if we want to become more conscious, more awakened human beings – and in the context of Evolutionary Enlightenment, it’s absolutely foundational.

In this teaching, Andrew Cohen describes how we can become aware of four discrete selves through which, knowingly or unknowingly, we see and interpret our experience. As you will discover, each self has a very different relationship to, and understanding of, the reality that is being perceived.

Andrew invites us to explore the nature of reality through these four different lenses, and explains the unique challenges of recognising them clearly in our own experience. Which self are we inhabiting and transmitting most of the time? If there are so many dimensions to selfhood, what does it mean to be our best or most authentic self

Embark on a mind-expanding journey into higher consciousness, and discover what it takes if we truly want to become more conscious about the self we are embodying – and, even more importantly, the choices we are making in each and every moment.

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