Edge of Evolution

The Edge of Evolution

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A Talk with Andrew Cohen

“I don't believe that the clarity and liberation of mystical insight is a free ride. I am convinced that the awakening of the spiritual impulse in our own hearts and minds is actually an evolutionary trigger—an urgent whisper from the Self to Itself, God's quiet voice imploring us to relinquish our attachment to our culturally conditioned relativism, our materialism, and our narcissism. Why are we being called? So we will take responsibility for the evolution of our own consciousness and culture, in such a way that raises the bar for all of us at the leading edge.”

—Andrew Cohen, Evolutionary Enlightenment

Living on the edge of evolution is like clinging to the side of a sheer cliff on a mountain, knowing that somehow you have to find a route up the steep and perilous contours of the rockface. You know that you have to take responsibility for the heart-pounding ascent ahead of you, but you have no idea how you’re going to do it. At any time your grip could falter, or you could lose your footing.

How do we find the courage and self-confidence to face such a formidable challenge, to take such an extraordinary leap of faith? How do we cultivate what it takes to bear the profound emotional, psychological, philosophical, and spiritual pressure of this new and uncharted territory?

The Authentic Self always fearlessly embraces the unknown. It is ceaselessly compelled to reach into new possibilities and potentials, inhabiting a position and perspective that is the polar opposite of the ego’s endless self-doubt and hesitation. Accessing it is critical to developing the spiritual self-confidence we need if we want to be true change-agents and consciousness pioneers.

Once we have discovered this Self, we must learn to anchor ourselves in it – and slowly, surely, we will develop an ever-deepening trust in actually living at the high cliff edge of evolutionary possibility and potential.

What could be more important at this critical moment in history? As a species, the task ahead of us is almost insurmountable, and we desperately need to forge pathways that depart radically from our inherited patterns of personal and cultural conditioning. We need bold and pioneering women and men who are willing to endlessly push the envelope of what is possible.

Andrew Cohen underlines the importance of developing the deep spiritual self-confidence we need to live at the very edge of the evolving cosmos – to realise our own latent potential to become heroic change-agents who will dare to stand for and bear witness to that which is higher.

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