Resident Membership

$100 per month

Resident Membership

$100 per month

About Resident Status

As a Resident, Manifest Nirvana will become your home.

Resident Membership offers all the benefits of Guest and Friend Membership, but unlike Guests and Friends you have access to the full spectrum of what Manifest Nirvana has to offer.

The Meditation Hall will be open to you at all times, and you'll be able to invite your fellow Friends and Residents to the hall via a dedicated WhatsApp group. You'll have exclusive Resident access to the Kitchen – a place to meet and exchange with other practitioners and adepts.

In addition to the regular live online teachings with Andrew Cohen included with your membership, you will also be part of an advanced Residents' Program. This offers the deepest and most comprehensive teaching of the theory and practice of Evolutionary Enlightenment that is available.

About the Residents' Program

Andrew Cohen is an award-winning and world-renowned teacher of enlightenment – a teacher of teachers with decades of experience, and an unusual level of attainment. You will have the rare opportunity to work closely with Andrew alongside other highly experienced practitioners and adepts of Evolutionary Enlightenment.

The purpose of this ongoing program is to become deeply grounded in the perspective of Evolutionary Enlightenment. It will also cover integral theory as part of its curriculum, which will help you to contextualise your experience and cultivate multiple lines of development at once.

A commitment of at least one year is expected and recommended. Over time, you’ll become a highly skilled practitioner of Intersubjective Nondual dialogue, and you will learn creative collaboration at a very high level. This is ultimately about living a radically liberated life, in relationship with yourself, others and the world at large.

About Holon Groups

The program will be supported by participation in Resident Holon groups. This is your most powerful tool in the cultivation and practice of Intersubjective Nondual dialogue, and in the ultimate aim to actually live what you have learned. The Holon groups will help you to cultivate a new and deeper kind of intimacy with others – this is critical to the practice of Evolutionary Enlightenment.

The private Residents’ Library will contain an archive of all previous teaching and Holon sessions, along with a selection of advanced teachings given by Andrew and others.

Manifest Nirvana is about coming together with others; to meet, to practice, and to inquire in the pursuit of collective, conscious evolution. Please always be kind, respectful and courteous to your fellow Guests, Friends and Residents.

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