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Through becoming a Friend you directly support the work of Manifest Nirvana, while deepening your spiritual practice and cultivating a new kind of relationship with others that you’ll find both liberating and profound. It offers all the benefits of Guest Membership, with some important differences.

The Meditation Hall will be open to you at all times, and you'll have the option to invite your fellow Friends and Residents to the hall whenever you’d like to meditate together via a dedicated WhatsApp group. This is a fantastic way to develop and deepen your practice.

You'll be able to learn more about the teachings in the exclusive videos that you’ll find in the Library. In addition, you'll have unlimited access to the Living Room – a place to meet and chat informally with other novices, practitioners and adepts.

About the Teachings

You’ll have access to live online teachings with Andrew Cohen, twice per month at our regular Sunday bi-weekly teachings. These sessions with Andrew offer the opportunity to meet and engage with one of the world’s most accomplished spiritual teachers, and gain a direct experiential understanding of waking up, or enlightenment, in an evolutionary context.

Over time, you'll develop a deep and holistic understanding of the theory and practice of Evolutionary Enlightenment. The private Friends' Library will have video recordings of all your past sessions with Andrew, alongside evolving content exclusively for Friends.

Becoming a Resident

We encourage everyone to explore their Friend status in depth for a time before moving on to Resident status, but you can upgrade to Resident membership whenever you feel ready. If you’d like to be welcomed as a Resident, you can find out more about that here.

Manifest Nirvana is about coming together with others; to meet, to practice, and to inquire in the pursuit of collective, conscious evolution. Please always be kind, respectful and courteous to your fellow Guests, Friends and Residents.

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