Manifest Nirvana Thanks

Manifest Nirvana has been made possible by the generous contributions of all those listed on this page. We extend our deepest thanks to all of them, and also to the many other contributors who wished to remain anonymous.

Marc Allen
Eric Allodi
Anne de Béthencourt
Lois Bickley
Daniela Bomatter
Caroline Chauveaux
Nancy Cohen
Robyn Collins
Ronald Converse
Thomas Crane
Rose Diamond
Athanasios Drakopoulos
Pierre Drouot
Vincent Drouot

Ajay Dugar
Catherine Fraise
Alex Goncalves
Christine Guinebretière
Maggie Holling
Sacred Human
Michele Kaufman
Ugis Laimite
Dale Lockett
Derek K Lords
Annick Macher
Elaine Miles
VJ Montanye
Ann Peeters

Hans Plasqui
Shankara Prasad
Katherine Reeder
Ronald H Riopel
Rinaldo Seman
Elena Shak
Morgan Smith
Vadim Strots
Olga Strots
Sara Topsøe-Jensen
Dudley Tower
Michael Wayne
Soroush Zand

We would also like to thank Bo Cheng, Xingyi Liang and everyone at Hil Architects for their kind permission to use the images of their architectural and design work on the beautiful Changzhou Meditation Hall in China.