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Seek until you find

What does it mean to be a finder in the context of Evolutionary Enlightenment? 

Andrew speaks in depth about the difference between the cessation of seeking as an end in itself, the goal of traditional enlightenment, and becoming a finder as a starting point for perpetual conscious evolution: Evolutionary Enlightenment.

“Seek with great vigor, renewed spirit, and without the disillusionment of your past. Begin again, throwing away all the conclusions that you’ve reached from all the experiences you’ve ever had. Start afresh, with renewed innocence, knowing nothing, like a beginner.

“Many people stop seeking, even though they haven't found what they were originally looking for. They may have been on the path for a very long time, and come to all the correct conclusions, but only intellectually. The real event has not taken place, and now, without realising it, they have completely lost their way.

“You are either a seeker or a finder. If you are a finder you will know it, and you won't have any doubt about it. So unless this is the case, continue to seek. Seek until you find, forgetting everything you thought you knew before. Then once you stop seeking, you will be able to pursue the exhilarating path of conscious evolution for all eternity.” – Andrew Cohen