Practice Day

Monthly Practice Day for Residents

A Full Day of Meditation, Chanting and Teaching

Take advantage of this rare opportunity for a deep immersion into the bliss of timeless, formless being.

We warmly invite all Residents of Manifest Nirvana to this exclusive Practice Day once a month.

Please bear in mind that each day will comprise 14 hours of serious practice, so do make sure you are available for the full day, as we respectfully ask that you attend with a full commitment to the daily schedule. Please also ensure that you have a quiet space for the day, so that you can attend without interruption.

We offer the practice Day in six time zones. If you are in a region that isn’t listed, please pick one that is closest to your time zone, and let us know which one you have chosen.

There is a dedicated hourly schedule for each time zone – please be sure to familiarise yourself with this before the practice day starts.

Monthly Dates

Resident Practice Days happen every four weeks on Sundays, beginning Sunday 12th December, and then as follows:


9th January • 6th February • 6th March • 3rd April • 1st May • 29th May • 26th June • 24th July • 21st August • 18th September • 16th October • 13th November • 11th December...

Local Hourly Schedules

PST Hourly Schedule

5:30–6:30am: Yoga/Workout
6:30–7am: Break
7–9am Teaching with Andrew
9–10am: Break
10–11am: Meditation
11– 11:45am: Chant
11:45am–12pm: Break
12–12:45pm: Meditation
12:45–1:30pm: Break
1:30–2:30pm: Meditation
2:30–2:45pm: Break
2:45–3:45pm: Meditation
3.45–4:30pm: Break
4:30–5:30pm: Meditation
5:30–6:15pm: Break
6:15–7:15pm: Meditation
7:15–7:45pm: Chant (Fire of your Heart)

MST Hourly Schedule

6:30–7:30am: Yoga/Workout
7:30–8am: Break
8–10am Teaching with Andrew
10–11am: Break
11am–12pm: Meditation
12–12:45pm: Chant
12:45–1pm: Break
1– 1:45pm: Meditation
1:45–2:30pm: Break
2:30–3:30pm: Meditation
3:30–3:45pm: Break
3:45–4:45pm: Meditation
4:45–5.30pm: Break
5:30–6:30pm: Meditation
6:30–7:15pm: Break
7:15–8:15pm: Meditation
8:15–8:45pm: Chant (Fire of your Heart)

EST Hourly Schedule

7:30–8:30am: Yoga/Workout
8:30– 9amm: Break
9–09:45am: Meditation
9:45–10am: Break
10am–12pm: Teaching with Andrew
12– 1pm: Break
1–2pm: Meditation
2– 2:45pm: Chant
2:45–3pm: Break
3–4pm: Meditation
4–4:30pm: Break
4:30–5.30pm: Meditation
5:30–5:45pm: Break
5:45–6:45pm: Meditation
6:45–7:30pm: Break
7:30–8:30pm: Meditation
8:30– 9pm Chant (Fire of your Heart)

UK Hourly Schedule

5–6am: Yoga/Workout
6–6:30am: Break
6:30–7:30am: Meditation
7:30–8:30am: Break
8:30–9:30am: Meditation
9:30–10:15am: Chant
10:15–10:30am: Break
10:30–11:30am: Meditation
11:30am–12:45pm: Break
12:45–1:45pm Meditation
1:45–2pm Break
2–2:45pm: Meditation
2:45–3pm: Break
3–5pm Teaching with Andrew
5-6pm Break
6–7pm Meditation
7–7:30pm Chant (Fire of your Heart)

CET Hourly Schedule

6–7am: Yoga/Workout
7–7:30am: Break
7:30–8:30am: Meditation
8:30–9:30am: Break
9:30–10:30: Meditation
10:30–11:15am: Chant
11:15–11:30am: Break
11:30am–12:30pm: Meditation
12:30–1:45pm: Break
1:45–2:45pm: Meditation
2:45–3pm: Break
3–3:45pm: Meditation
3:45–4pm: Break
4–6pm Teaching with Andrew
6–7pm: Break
7–8pm: Meditation
8–8:30pm Chant (Fire of your Heart)

IST Hourly Schedule

9–10am: Yoga/Workout
10–10:30am: Break
10:30–11:30am: Meditation
11:30am–12pm: Break
12–1pm: Meditation
1–2pm: Break
2–3pm: Meditation
3–3:45pm: Chant
3:45–4pm: Break
4–5pm: Meditation
5–6:15pm: Break
6:15–7:15pm: Meditation
7:15–7:30pm: Break
7:30–8:15pm: Meditation
8:15–8:30pm: Break
8:30–10:30pm: Teaching with Andrew
10:30–11pm: Chant (Fire of your Heart)

If you have any questions please contact us by email.

Cancellation Policy:

Full refund if cancelled 30+ days prior to Retreat.
50% refunded if cancelled 7 days or more prior to Retreat.
No refunds if cancelling with less than 7 days prior to Retreat.

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Feb 06 2022


All Day

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Feb 06 2022
  • Time: All Day


Manifest Nirvana
Online at Manifest Nirvana


  • Andrew Cohen
    Andrew Cohen
    Resident Teacher

    Andrew Cohen is a spiritual teacher, author, cultural visionary and inspirational speaker. His work has been acclaimed by luminaries from all walks of life, from academics to philosophers to spiritual pundits.

    Andrew has become known for his willingness to boldly cast aside the sacred cows of the spiritual world. His work grapples with demystifying the wealth of knowledge found in the great wisdom traditions, and with making enlightenment deeply relevant to a post-modern audience.

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